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MUNCIE, IN47306-0160 


Joint Declaration by the Representatives- 
in-Exile of the Polish Socialist Party and 
the General Jewish Workers' Union of 
Poland who represent today the entire 
Polish Labor Movement 

Published by the 

Delegation of the Polish and Jewish Labor 
Movements of Poland in the United States 

175 East Broad w \y New York, N. Y. 

Joint Declaration by the Polish Socialist 
Party (P.P.S.) and the General Jewish 
Workers' Union of Poland (Bund) 

The present war which, on September 1, 1939, commenced 
with a Nazi attack upon Poland has now, as a result of 
Japanese treachery at Pearl Harbor and the declarations of 
war against the United States by Italy and Germany, become 

a World War. 

The fate and future existence of an independent Poland 
is organically tied up with the course of the present war and 
its ultimate outcome. In this most crucial period in the 
history of civilized humanity the representatives-in-exile of 
the Polish Socialist Party and the General Jewish Workers' 
Union of Poland deem it their duty to make the following 

More than two years have already gone by since Hitler 
invaded Poland. For more than two years now the Polish 
people have been existing within the grip of a ruthless terror. 
Lawlessness and violence reign on Polish soil, revealing to the 
world Hitler's "New Order" in its bloodiest aspect. The 
Polish masses, however, refuse to bow their heads before the 
mailed fist of Nazism. Under unprecedented conditions of 
terror and oppression the masses of Poland — workers, 
peasants and intellectuals — struggle heroically against the 
aggressor. The Polish and Jewish masses, united in their 
common misfortune, conscious of their common fate and goal 


to restore the independence of their country, to re-build 
Poland upon a new foundation — to return the country to its 
people— join hands fraternally across the ghetto-walls. The 
Polish soldiers, too, fighting on many fronts in the present 
war, shed their blood and offer their lives in the great struggle 
for the freedom of all peoples. 

The first and primary objective of the war is a military 
defeat of the "Axis" powers — Germany, Japan, Italy — and 
with it the total destruction of Nazism, Fascism and Japanese 
militarism. In order to achieve victory it is necessary to have 
the complete co-operation of all nations and states who parti- 
cipate in this war against the "Axis" countries. Particularly 
of decisive importance is the participation of the United 
States of America on the side of the Allies — both because 
of her military strength and her great industrial capacity 
which makes the United States the arsenal of democracy, 
supplying arms, airplanes and war equipment to Great Britain, 
Soviet Russia, Poland and all other countries engaged in 
this great struggle. 

A role of vital importance in this war against the "Axis" 
is also being played by the underground front of revolution- 
ists who struggle in their countries against Nazism and 
Fascism. At this very moment the underground movement is 
undermining the strength of the aggressors. And, when the 
military power of the "Axis" will be destroyed, this under- 
ground front will supply those social forces that will pave 
the way for a new, free Europe. 

The struggle that the Polish people is now waging on the 
side of the Allies is consecrated by the eternal ideals of 
freedom, equality and fraternity. The movements of the 
workers and of the peasants were always the torch-bearers of 
these ideals. These movements fought for the democratiza- 
tion of life in Poland, against all political, social and national 
oppression. The movement of workers and peasants struggled 


incCSStntly Against .ill forms ill dictatorship ami the brutal 
methods of violence to which the democratic opposition ami 
national minorities of Poland were subjected, as well as 
against the policy of collaboration with Hitler Germany and 
the attempts to transplant Nazi ideology on Polish soil. The 
Polish and the Jewish masses waged this great struggle under 
the banners of the Polish Socialist Party and the General 
Jewish Workers' Union (Bund). 

The vast majority of the Polish people is inspired today 
by the ideals and principles of democracy. The labor move- 
ment of Poland, through its representatives-in-exile, pledges 
to devote all its strength and energy towards the realization 
of these ideals and principles in life. 

When the "Axis" powers are defeated and victory is 
achieved Poland will rise again, re-built upon the foundations 
of democracy and social justice. Together with the other 
liberated countries the Polish Republic will create a lasting 
Union of Free Peoples, a basis for the future co-operation of 
all nations in equality and freedom. In the new social system 
of Poland there will be no room either for the existence 
or the rise of privileged groups and privileged social classes. 
Political power will be vested in the people who are to be 
guaranteed the democratic rights of freedom of speech, 
freedom of the press, freedom of assembly, the right to wor- 
ship, an universal system of education and habeas corpus. A 
democratically-elected government and parliament responsible 
to the people, independent courts of justice and democratic 
self-government will form the political order of new Poland. 

All citizens of Poland — regardless of race or creed — will 
be guaranteed the fullest political, economic and cultural 
equality. There will be no room in new Poland for national- 
ism and anti-Semitism. 


We believe that there is only une true solution for kill 
so-called Jewish question: to assure the Jewish population of 
Poland of complete equality and cultural autonomy. All 
attempts to solve the Jewish question through forced immi- 
gration, partial or complete, and by methods of coercion or 
by exercising moral and economic pressure will be rejected 
as contrary to the principles of democracy. 

The economy of Poland will have to be reorganized on a 
planned basis which will exclude all economic exploitation. 
It will be controlled and regulated by the people in a 
democratic manner. 

All citizens will be guaranteed the right to work and the 
right to benefit in a just measure from the national income. 
Following the expulsion of the invader from Polish soil 
agrarian reforms will be instituted at once which will grant 
the peasant the right to his land. All large industrial and 
commercial enterprises including the financial apparatus of 
the country shall be publicly owned and operated. Peasant 
holdings, handicraft establishments, small industrial and trad- 
ing enterprises as well as co-operatives shall receive govern- 
ment subsidies and protection. The Government shall also 
create proper protection for labor, for the health of the 
working masses and guarantee them the benefits of a demo- 
cratically-organized social security system. 

Post- War Poland, reconstructed upon these principles, will 
be able to develop economically at an accelerated pace, for 
the benefit of all the people of the country. 

To realize these aims in life the organized Polish workers 
and the Jewish workers of Poland unite with the struggling 
laboring masses everywhere. Our slogan is: LIBERTY FOR 
US AND LIBERTY FOR YOU. For we firmly believe in 
the victory of the forces of democracy. After this war, want, 
exploitation and the threat of new wars will forever disappear 


from the < ivlllxcd wo 

the w,iy foi the triumph oi liberty, economic security, peace, 
political and social democracy — for the cardinal principles of 
a world socialist order. 

Representatives-in-'Exjle of the 

Polish Socialist Party (P.P.S.) 

& The General Jewish Workers' Union 

of Poland (Bund). 

New York, N. Y , December 15, 1941 

MUNCIE, IN 47306-0160